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Andy George

Audio Designer


Double Eleven

Technical Audio Designer | June 2020 - Current


Supermassive Games

Audio Designer | July 2017 – June 2020



Project TBA, Technical Audio Designer (Pre-Production - Current)
Minecraft Dungeons, Technical Audio Designer (DLC)

Project TBA, Technical Audio Designer (Pre-Production)

Little Hope, Audio Designer (Pre-Production - Final)

Man of Medan, Audio Designer (Pre-Production - Final)

The Inpatient (VR), Audio Designer (Alpha - Final)


Design audio assets from concept through completion as an SFX level lead on multiple levels

Implement audio assets for cinematic and scripted events using many methods in Unreal, Unity and Wwise

Technical Audio Design (Blueprints & Scripting) systems such as Volumetric Splines, ‘fake physics’, incidentals etc

Leading and improving the Foley pipeline, from improving the actor-mixer hierarchy to core Blueprint functions

Mentoring Junior Audio Designers in Unreal and Wwise workflows, both native and custom to the studio

Dialogue Design, Editing, Mastering and Implementation for Cinematics and Gameplay

Mixing SFX, Foley and Dialogue (to loudness standards) to maintain consistency throughout the projects

Preparing Foley and Dialogue Specs along with in-depth Character Profiles for outsource partners to work from

Recording On-Site and Location to contribute assets for custom sound libraries, from planning through to delivery

Develop new tech and features to improve and maintain existing pipelines

Optimize and Test new and existing audio pipelines and share results with team members

Integration Setup and Asset Management for new Unreal and Wwise projects

Foley Implementation of delivered assets from outsource partners

Outsourcing Preparation, Tests and Communication

Document and share knowledge of new tech and workflows for the benefit of current and future team members


Qualifications & Certifications

Wwise-101 Certification, 2016

BSc (Hons) Music Technology, 2013 - 2016, 2:1, Demontfort University (DMU)

Higher Diploma Bass Guitar, 2011 – 2012, 2:1, Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)

Diploma Bass Guitar, 2007 – 2011, 2:1, Leicester College

Key Skills

  • Audio Design & Implementation

  • Technical Audio Design (Blueprints, Scripting)

  • Dialogue Editing, Mastering & Implementation

  • Mentoring Junior Audio Designers

  • Foley Recording

  • Location Recording

  • Audio Optimization & Budgets

About & Interests

I am a skilled gamer across many genres, especially FPS games. I have been playing FPS games since 007 GoldenEye on the N64 but fell in love with the genre with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved.

I really enjoy recording my own content and creating redesigns to constantly improve my skills.
I am able to source my own gear - I have a 5channel SFX rig among others that I use a lot to build my own library.

I have a blog on my website where I do Game Audio / Optimisation tests, as I enjoy doing them.
I also have a full driver's license, and I drive my favourite car - a Honda Civic!

I love to work as part of a team, and enjoy winding down at the pub! Especially if Magic: The Gathering is involved!

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  • Reaper, Cubase

  • Unreal Engine 4, Unity

  • Wwise

  • Asset Management

  • Video Editing

  • JIRA, Task Tracking

  • Self-Management & Autonomous
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