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My name is Andy George.

I am an Audio Designer at Supermassive Games, since August 2017.

I have a dynamic role at Supermassive Games.

I first started on The Inpatient, on a contract to handle all of the dialogue editing and mastering. I finished my tasks pretty early so then used the remaining duration of my contract to help out with other parts of the audio team to help ship the game, from designing indoor ambiences, implementing Foley and putting outsource packs together.

For Man of Medan I was the acting Dialogue Lead for the project, mentoring and providing direction for two other new audio members who were focused on Dialogue as their primary tasks.

I was responsible for all of the Dialogue treatment and implementation for the project.

I also helped out with Audio Design tasks where it was needed to meet targets, and I also set up the UE4 integration as I was transitioned to Medan pretty early on before other Audio Designers, who were on other projects.

I also helped to prototype and test the procedural Foley systems that were set up by the Audio Lead.

I also did Audio Design for two Special Features (two interactive comic books) which were a collaboration between 4 Audio Designers

(1 Music, 1 Ambience, and 2 Sound Effects).

I also mentor new Audio starters at Supermassive Games to help get them in line with our pipelines and structure.

Right now I am taking more of a managing role for the Dialogue where I will review work (in house and external) and provide direction, but moving on to a broader Audio Design palette.

I am currently creating blueprints for procedural ambience systems for our ambience team and taking a lead role on sound effects for a set of scenes on our current project.

Outside of professional work I enjoy making my own procedural systems in UE4 as well as sound replacement for cinematic sequences and also ambience field recording.

I am currently creating a DIY 5.1 rig that houses my microphones and allows me to record surround sound using my Sennheiser 8040 ST microphones.

In my free time I play Bass and sing Backing Vocals in a Muse tribute band called aMUSE, which is a new project that I started with some friends.

I manage all of our live performance setup using an epic Reaper project!

I used to be a competitive CS:GO player so I am familiar with the FPS genre in a competitive environment. Before taking a break from CS:GO to start my career I was in the top 1% player base worldwide. I have been playing FPS games since 007 on the N64.

I fell in love with the genre with the release of Halo.

I also have a two pets, Fizz & Harvey!

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